4 Tips for a Safe Trip to the Dog Park


image                         4 Tips for a Safe Trip to the Dog Park

You’re ready to take your dog to the nearest dog park and thisidea is greeted with an enthusiastic “Woof!”. That’s great since a dog park is a wonderful way to let your dog socialize with other people and their pets while getting a fair amount of exercise playing with his furry friends. However, if you’re taking your pup to the park for the first time, here are 4 tips you must remember to make this trip a fun-filled, happy and safe experience for your pet.

Tip #1 Choose a dog park carefully

While a clean and well-maintained dog park should be your first priority, it’s also important to know the kind of crowd you would expect there. Therefore, it’s advisable that you visit the park once before hitting the place with your dog. Look for any signs of low-maintenance such as dog poops lying everywhere, unkempt surroundings, pits and holes etc. Notice the times when the park is too crowded and avoid bringing your dog during the busiest slots.

Tip #2 Keep in mind the size of your dog

Size matters when it comes to letting your dog loose to play with other dogs. If you own a small breed or you have a pup, you should look for a park that has a separate section for small dogs to keep them safe from the rough games of adult dogs. However, if you take your dog to a dog park that has no such facility, keep a close watch on him at all times and be ready to intervene at the slightest hint of trouble.

Tip #3 Read the signs of aggression

It’s always a better move to prevent a fight rather than having to pull the wrangling pets apart. You must learn to identify the body language of dogs in general to steer clear of aggressive situations.

These are a few signs that spell trouble:

• Staring straight at each other

• Baring teeth accompanied by deep growls

• Flattened ears

• Stiff tail

• Arched neck

The moment you notice any of these signs, try to distract the dogs using any sound or an object.

Tip #4 Don’t bring the toys

It’s best not to bring to the park toys like balls or Frisbees that your dog is generally fond of. Such toys can frequently turn into a bone of contention leading to serious fights. Following these tips will set the happy hour rolling for your beloved pet at every trip to the park without compromising on his safety !

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