I have an eight year old Dachshund who injured her back and was unable to move her back legs. She couldn’t stand on her back legs or walk on her own. Terrified, we went to the Vet (which was not Dr. Judkins at the time) who referred us to the specialty Vet in Medford. This Specialty vet advised us that she would either need a $4,000+ surgery or she would be paralyzed and would more then likely need to be euthanized. I started looking into alternative treatments and that’s when I found Dr. Judkins. I made an appointment and they got me in that same week. While she was getting her first acupuncture treatment she actually stood up on all four legs…I couldn’t believe it! We continued to see dramaticimprovement the following week, she was walking on her own and using her back legs. After her second acupuncture treatment she was even starting to RUN on her own, though we try to make her take it easy! I’m beyond impressed by Dr. J and I wish that traditionalvets would give their patients this option as well.  Dr. Judkins saved my dog’s life and I cannot thank him enough!

Emily Culbertson (and Lois)

Eagle Point, ORIMG_0904


“My senior dog started having episodes of frantic barking and shaking. Another vet failed to diagnose the problem, but Dr. J quickly pinpointed a pinched nerve in the dog’s back. After two acupuncture and electrotherapy treatments, my little buddy is moving freely, stretching and playing. He’s happy again, and I am, too. Thank you, Dr. J, for your skilled diagnosis and compassionate treatment!”

– Robynne W,  Ashland



Dr. Jeffrey Judkins has saved my 12 ½ year old Dachshund’s life.  We came to Dr. J as a last resort 11 months ago.  Ruby had back surgery at OSU 2 1/2 years ago after being completely paralyzed.  She recovered somewhat but was still not walking very well.

This is the reason we came but we soon found out that Ruby was in kidney failure also.  She had been on prednisone for 3 or 4 years for her digestive issues.  He changed her food to Kristy’s all natural dog food, slowly took her off prednisone and all other western medicine and put her on Chinese herbs for digestion and kidney function plus acupuncture.  We came weekly for about 6 weeks or more but now only go monthly for a “tune-up”.  Our Ruby is now a robust 8.5 lbs after dropping to a 7 lb skeleton.  She is going on walks, running, playing and alive because of Dr. J.  I have followed everything he has suggested and it always works.  My other two 12-year-old Dachshunds are thriving and healthy on the same diet.  I am so lucky to have met him and become reacquainted with his wonderful receptionist Jenny.  Dr. J will be my first choice Dr. for my entire pet needs.  I also have the added advantage of living just around the corner from his office here in Jacksonville.  We are so lucky to have someone of Dr. J’s knowledge and desire to help our pets right here in Jacksonville!!!
-Mary, Ruby, Whiskey, Pepper and Moe, Jacksonville, OR



The only Vet I will ever take my Animalkids to is ANIMALKIND. Dr. Jeff has been treating my lab/rotti mix for cancer. My dog Shamyn should have been dead 9 months ago according to my traditional Vet. She is healthier now with cancer than she was without it. It’s been 1 year this month and she is in complete remission as far as we know!! Thanks Dr. Judkins!!
-Ann Dee, Rogue River


I can’t say enough about Dr. Jeffrey.  After just one acupuncture visit for my Mastiff, I was able to take him off NSAIDS for his arthritis.  He has been running with my other 4 dogs and horses every since.  We go in for monthly acupuncture, and it costs about the same as NSAIDS, except no adverse side effects like liver failure.  Dr. J also is a wealth of information regarding diet recommendations and vaccination protocols.  The public generally has not accepted the influence such practices can have on their pets longevity.  I am so happy to have met someone who is supportive and knowledgeable of holistic feeding and vaccination schedules, not to mention his in depth knowledge of herbal medicine.  What an asset to our community…..finally!
-Lisa, Ashland


Dr J brings something completely different to our valley – a completely holistic veterinary office. I still use traditional veterinary care. There are great vets in this valley – some also very skilled in complimentary therapies. I’m one of those dog mom’s who will do most anything for my animal family – I am committed to finding the best of the best for them – I approach the care of my animals with the same holistic commitment I have for my human family. Finding someone as skilled and intuitive in acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, diet and immune building as Dr J is a huge blessing. I’ve been known to drive many hours to have my animals see a gifted practitioner in complimentary therapies. The amazing gift is we have him right here! Dr. J has assisted Cole with acupuncture and herbs to not only continue clearing what I would call the lingering issues from his illness, but he’s happier and healthier than I’ve ever seen him in the 5 + years he’s been our boy. I highly recommend adding Dr J to your animals life on so many levels, more importantly, so does Cole.

-Kathleen, Ashlandgreypagedivider
Bringing our dog to see Dr. J was a great relief. His office is quiet, peaceful and relaxing which eases the whole experience, not the usual chaotic vet scene.  As a Holistic Health Practitioner myself I have never been comfortable with the often invasive, non-natural approach most vets offer. Dr. J’s treatments have been very effective and have saved us so much money. Thank you so much Dr. J!


Thank you Dr. J for all you have done for both of my dogs. Beja and Binky. They both are doing great after your treatments. I took them to another vet only to have them receive shots of meds to try and cure them for years. Then brought them to you Beja after a few treatments,  is now doing the best she has done in years. She is getting around better and has not had anymore episodes of spasms. Wow what a difference.  Binky had one treatment and is doing great. Her neck is just fine now. So I would and do recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much.
-Cindy, Central Pointgreypagedivider

We sought Dr. Judkins expertise for our dog’s chronic ear problems.  Her ears had been bothering her for months and everything we had tried did not seem to alleviate the problem.  During the first 5-10 minutes of talking with us, getting to know our dog, and a thorough exam, Dr. Judkins was confident that he knew the cause of the itchy ears and he had a plan.  His enthusiasm and the two prescribed tinctures were easy  for us to administer and our dog liked the taste of the oral drops.

After two weeks we went for a follow up exam.  Not only were the ears cured there were significant improvements with her digestive issues as well.

Dr. Judkins is friendly, readily available and has a wonderful manner with pets and their owners.  I found it easy to communicate with him in the office as well as by phone and e-mail.   His availability and his knowledge put me at ease. We are so grateful to have Dr. Judkins in the Rogue Valley
-G., Ashlandgreypagedivider

I met Dr. Judkins when my 6 year old dog Spunky suddenly became very ill.  After 2 days of tests I was told they had no idea and to take her to a dermatologist, to put her on steroids until she was gone.  I asked around and Dr. Judkins name kept coming up as the best there is in the entire Portland Metro area. He knew right away what the problem was and sent us home with a few items and literally in one week Spunky went from a dog with sores all over that would bleed, a high fever and pain in every part of her body as she would cry in pain just moving around to no sores and back to her happy and loving self.  Dr. Judkins is the best there is.  We lost Spunky last July at the age of 16.  My family will forever be grateful to Dr. Judkins as I know he is why we had 10 more amazing years with her that I have no doubt wouldn’t have happened had we not found him.  I was literally in tears when I found out he was leaving Portland as I can assure you all of us who brought our pets to him were.  I cannot tell you how many times I have recommended him to people looking for a great vet or people like me who had a dog that the other vets just weren’t helping.  Southern Oregon now has the best there is as our loss is your gain.  I am even planning to bring our other dog Lucy there for her check up as soon as possible.  If you love your pet as we all do, you have found the best there is in Dr. J.
-Melissa, Portlandgreypagedivider

Dr. Jeffrey Judkins is the god of holistic medicine for pets. He’s provided great care for my several senior pets for over ten years. He’s given me options that include Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and the safest of traditional Western veterinary medicine. No matter how difficult the health problem, “Dr. J.” has always made me feel reassured and informed.

The treatments Dr. Jeff has prescribed have worked really well. He cured a recently adopted older cat’s cystitis with herbs and homeopathy. Another cat has a tumor and is hyperthyroid, and I really appreciate the herbal and traditional treatments that are extending her good quality of life. Also, my cat who lived to 22 had a longer life and better last few years because of Dr. J’s care.

I prefer Dr. J.’s communication style to those of many other health professionals. When I think of him, I think of words like positive and clear. That’s really important for me, because I’m emotional when it comes to my pets. Somehow, he always presents information in an organized manner that cuts through my worries and lets me make the difficult decisions I need to make.
-Izetta, Portlandgreypagedivider

Dr. Judkins saved my cat’s life! As a kitten, Sasha was diagnosed with FIP-like symptoms and was near death, but with the help of both Chinese and Western herbs, holistic and allopathic treatments, he made it through. Seven years later, Sasha is healthy and as lively as can be. Subsequently, I’ve taken all five of my cats there.

I was so impressed by the treatment my cats received that I was inspired and motivated to go back to school to be a veterinarian. I am proud to note that late last year, I got a job working at the clinic one day a week. I can see how you might think that this review may be biased because of this, but quite the contrary. My opinion is only reinforced now that I know the doctors and staff better.
-Billy Joe, Portland