Dr. Jeffrey Judkins recently relocated to the Rogue Valley from Portland, Oregon, in search of sun, a slower pace and an acre of land for his dogs to run on. “Dr. J” got his veterinary degree from Louisiana State University in 1984, and has practiced in Austin, Texas, and Fairbanks, Alaska, before establishing Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic, the first holistic veterinary hospital in Portland, Oregon, in 1995. Now he brings his unique style of holistic, complementary veterinary medicine to Southern Oregon.

Why Holistic Medicine for Animals?
Basically, for the same reasons many people choose alternative medicine for themselves: to use more natural therapies that support healing rather than treat symptoms; to honor patients as individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses rather than simply as patients with a certain disease condition; to strive to understand the connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of all living beings, and how they profoundly affect health and vitality.

kitten.bwConditions we commonly treat:

☯ Skin allergies and reoccurring ear infections

☯ Digestive, respiratory, heart and kidney diseases

☯ Arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative disc disease, paralysis

☯ Separation anxiety and fear aggression; firework phobias

☯ Urinary tract disease and incontinence; inappropriate urination

☯ Skin tumors and cancer

☯ Immune disorders, diabetes, Cushings and Addison’s disease